Vision Ridge Partners

Boulder, CO

For Vision Ridge Partners, an investment group focused on sustainable real assets, the design of their new offices presented an opportunity to reflect their values and culture. The company came to Semple Brown with three objectives specific to their Boulder, CO location: emphasize connection to nature, integrate work-life balance, and incorporate a sense of community. Top of the list for the client was a large entertainment space that would achieve all of their goals. Operable walls and pivot doors that allow the kitchen and conference rooms to be reconfigured into an open social space were placed adjacent to the patio where employees and clients can work, mingle, and enjoy uninterrupted views of the iconic Boulder Flatirons. This openness is echoed through an open office floor plan which was adopted to eliminate real and perceived barriers between employees and reinforce a communal dynamic. The result is a unique culmination of Vision Ridge’s commitment to sustainability, community, and place where employees and clients can experience the Vision Ridge culture.

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