Mushrif Central Park


Semple Brown was commissioned by an international Landscape Architecture firm to design thirteen buildings in Abu Dhabi’s Mushrif Central Park. The buildings share a common vocabulary of high-quality materials inspired by traditional building materials of the region. While they share certain elements of a consistent architectural vocabulary, each has a signature expressive element that sets it apart from the rest. The buildings respond to, and sculpt with the strong Middle Eastern sun. While overt cultural references were avoided, certain guiding principles such as courtyards, and the control of sun and shade, weave thru each, producing a coherent, elegant, crisp and tactile modernity. Each building responds specifically to its role in the overall Master Plan of the Park, some functioning as termini of long axes, some as wayfinding points, others as “frames” or portals into different realms of this 40-acre, lushly landscaped urban park.

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Mushrif Central Park Amphitheatre

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