Central Park Pool Houses 1, 2, & 3


Semple Brown was commissioned to design a series of pool houses as key features in the public parks throughout the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) Neighborhood. Each pool house has an identical program, but each has a distinct personality. For Number One, the team designed a structure with opposing contrasts. The heavy exterior brick walls were balanced with lighter and more translucent materials on the interior. This simple but materially diverse palette provides an easy and welcoming design that shirks ostentation. Number Two was specifically designed for children. This building is intended to be very playful and loose-natured. Colorful finishes, materials that exaggerate and express their textures, and a sophisticated but subtle twist in the architecture are all intentional moves. Finally, for Number Three, the team chose to provide further depth to the users’ experience. The program was taken from Number One and Two and then pulled apart to create three identical pavilions in the landscape. The interior spaces sit under a low lying 150-foot roof, while circulation corridors are left open to the sky.

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