Born Mountain Club Sales Office

Copper Mountain, CO

The Born Mountain Club will ultimately include a hotel, residential units, and a future day skiers club. This sales center is proposed to offer ski lockers, ski storage and light fare to buyers ahead of completion of their residences and the hotel’s amenities. As a real estate sales office, the building will be open to the general public interested in purchasing a single-family lot, townhome, condominium unit or day skier club membership.

The proposed building design is contemplated with intimate and human-scaled spaces that connect users to the greater mountain setting. The form is simple and traditional with proposed artfully crafted and contemporary details. The structure is carefully sited to work with the existing topography and trees, blending into the coniferous forest with outdoor spaces that connect users to the ski runs and mountain views. As part of the building design, the USFS building’s materials are proposed to be renovated and integrated into the structure, continuing the USFS building’s legacy connection to skiers. The architectural design is proposed to compliment the future hotel and condominium buildings.

A permanent structure for the sales center is proposed so that it may be repurposed for future hotel amenities. A temporary real estate sales office does not fit the character of the neighborhood and would conflict with the neighborhood’s design criteria of using high quality and durable design strategies. The structure may be repurposed to an a-la-carte restaurant or one of the hotel’s meeting spaces. The design of the building is anticipating infrastructure to support light fare and catering of open house sales events but may be converted to more robust commercial uses in subsequent phases.

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