St. Charles Town Offices

Denver, CO

The Boathouse offices were designed for visual and physical interconnectedness throughout the space in an effort to promote community and innovation among employees. This concept was realized through the careful programming of the space and selection of vernacular materials. Recognizing the strong natural connection to the Platte River and Cherry Creek Trail, all of the communal meeting and lounge spaces are programmed along the south glass wall, offering natural daylight and exceptional views to all employees. The operable windows let in fresh air and the soothing sounds of the creek. Individual employee offices were designed with floor-to-ceiling glass, which maintains a visual connection to the natural surroundings of the site, while evoking a strong professional transparency throughout the overall office. The materials for the Boathouse were carefully selected to maintain balance and connection between the interior and the natural landscape. As a whole, the project recognizes the opportunities of the existing site and utilizes these unique characteristics to create a comfortable, functional and communal work environment, tailored to the modern employee.

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