Sunday Vinyl

Denver, CO

Sunday Vinyl is a 2,000 square foot restaurant that seats 68 individuals along with a full kitchen and large curated wine selection. The existing space is long and rectangular with a large glazing wall extending down the length of the space. This linearity from the exterior reads like a Wes Anderson cross sectional movie set. All major programmed spaces of the restaurant are on full display from the open train platform that the space looks out onto.

The team was inspired by traditional European wine bars along with the idea of unplugging and returning to an analog world. At the bar when one enters, there are three record players, shelves full of records and a double height wine wall on full display. Along the back wall of the dining room are arched listening nooks that allow for an intimate dining experience while allowing people to clearly listen and enjoy the music and conversation at the same time.

The entire space is bathed in a pale warm pink hue countered with black outlines to accentuate the geometry, which was inspired by the design of the Art Deco era. An Italian pink marble floor was chosen to match the pale pink color of the walls, while a mix of white and black marbles are used at the bar and for the dining tables throughout. The mixed use of marble embraces and highlights the beauty of natural textures, much like the European mixture of the wine, food and music experienced at Sunday Vinyl.

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