Denver, CO

Our goal with the design of LeRoux was to transport diners to a contemporary European Bistro – to create an environment that was distinctive and unique in its relaxed but very personal identity. We drew upon the professional history of chef Lon Symensma to illustrate not only his personal journey as a chef, but the layers that underlay his food. He provided memorabilia and menu covers to serve as artwork in the space – set off in custom niches. This array of awards, chef coats and menus tells a story and anchors a sense of authenticity in the restaurant.[READ MORE]

The magic of the design is that it doesn’t feel overly designed- it feels personal and special at the same time.  There’s a sense of seduction and charm without feeling like a cliché. The palette of marble floors and counters with crystal chandeliers is expected and true to the bistro legacy. But the incorporation of a deeply saturated blue wall color is an unexpected and simple move to tie the space together and create a distinctive sense of intimacy. The sense of nostalgia and sentiment is balanced by the contemporary energy.

The deep blue color creates a subtle background that allows the table crystal, the bar lighting and the candle-lit tables to come to the foreground, highlighting the faces of the diners and the texture of the wine display. On the inside of the space, this generates a sense of history, romance, intimacy and sparkle. Viewed from the outside, the glow of the chandeliers and the bar serve as a framed composition to draw diners into the space.

Tables closer to the front benefit from extensive daylight and the energy of the facing street, but patrons desiring more privacy easily find that deeper in the floor plan. Both at lunch and dinner, the restaurant is an oasis from the busy city.

LeRoux celebrates the art and romance of cooking, communing around food within a small circle of friends – sharing favorites, tasting new flavors and telling stories. In the same way that James Beard was a mentor for chefs and an ambassador of food, LeRoux seeks to pass down a legacy of craft and appreciation to a new generation of gastronomes.

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