The Curtis Hotel

Denver, CO

The Curtis Hotel occupies sixteen floors, for a total of 178,427 square feet. Every inch of the building was either renovated or replaced to maximize efficiency and design intent. The Corner Office Lounge stretches beyond the usual “hotel restaurant” to establish a ‘to be seen in’ scene. A green glowing glass entry vestibule with custom blackened steel entry doors sets-up for the playful experience. The bar + lounge is a throwback to a 60’s coffee shop with cantilevered bar stools, a segmented bar, and modern twists on the tweed and vinyl fabrics used in that era. The front dining room is a laid back but visually playful area with an upswept mosaic tile wall, curved high-gloss white ceiling panels, exaggerated height booth backs, a clock wall showing it’s “always 5 o’clock”, and an art composition made from rubber band balls.

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