Schaden Dining Hall at Kent Denver School

Englewood, CO

The LEED Platinum Dining Hall includes 8,000 sf of extensive renovation and 12,000 sf of new construction. The new facility expands the school’s dining capacity with the flexibility to host a wide range of campus events. The glazed west facade has an expansive view of the Front Range. When open, the doors provide natural airflow to all public spaces, while allowing for expanded use of the west plaza and dining area. The plaza overlooks an orchard and garden that provide locally grown produce to the dining hall during the school year and will be fertilized using compost from food waste. A “living wall” made up of a 14-by-8-foot vertical garden with 576 plants includes herbs such as thyme, basil, parsley and rosemary, which are harvested for use in meal preparation takes center stage in the server area.

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