Pueblo Memorial Hall

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo’s landmark Memorial Hall was opened in 1919. The 1650-seat hall has hosted symphonic performances, Broadway tours, visiting dignitaries and a wide variety of other programming. By 2010, the hall was seriously substandard in its accessibility, audience amenities and technical systems. Semple Brown Design assisted the City of Pueblo with identifying improvement scenarios beginning in 2001, culminating in a funding plan and a comprehensive improvement project that reopened in 2013.[READ MORE]

Improvements to expand the venue’s programming range included:

  • Expansion of the stage area by removing dressing rooms that flanked the performance area
  • Replacement of the original hemp rigging system with new automated rigging
  • A new mechanized orchestra pit and lift
  • New stage lighting
  • New audio/video systems
  • A new double truck dock, with backstage freight elevator
  • New dressing rooms, including a suite at stage level
  • Catwalks above the historic ceiling
  • New control booths and live mix locations
  • Fire sprinklers
  • New electrical service

Improvements for patrons included:

  • Air conditioning
  • Expanded restrooms and lobby area
  • An accessible path from the main entry to the audience chamber
  • A vibrant new color scheme utilizing historic colors from the building’s past
  • New seating (Semple Brown was able to provide new accessible seating locations and to widen seats without reducing the seating capacity of the hall).
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