Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Denver, CO

The 1908 Auditorium was the historic anchor of Denver’s Performing Arts Complex – but had been largely neglected since a 1955 renovation. In 2005, since the building’s original interiors no longer existed, Semple Brown devised a new world-class venue within its historic shell. The opera house is a contemporary interpretation of a classical lyric theatre with 2,268 seats. Adjustable acoustics allow it to host both un-amplified opera and ballet as well as a wide range of amplified pop, film and musical theatre productions. Seat-back titling allows instant translation of all programming. Audience amenities include the Chambers-Grant Salon, a complete restaurant kitchen, mezzanine bar and artist reception spaces. Performers are supported with a full range of dressing rooms, rehearsal studio, double-lift orchestra pit and double truck dock.

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